Quality Water from the bottom of your well to the bottom of your glass.

The north Iowa area is blessed with and abundance of good quality water. Well owners in the area have access to a seemingly unlimited water supply without the hassle and expense of a water meter. So regardless if they are washing their car or providing water to a building full of livestock, they enjoy water without the fear of a large water bill each month.

Similar to owning a vehicle, it is important to maintain your well and water system. No one would think of using a car for years without doing some regular maintenance. Water wells also need regular maintenance to perform at their best level. North Iowa Water Company is certified and licensed to perform any level of water well projects.

What is our Well Guard Program?

North Iowa Water Company offers two versions of Well Guard. After the initial inspection of the water system, the customer will have the option of signing up for one of the following Well Guard programs. They are the Well Guard Maintenance and the Well Guard Lease programs.

Well Guard Maintenance Plan

Owners with the Well Guard Maintenance Plan will receive an annual inspection scheduled to fit with the owner’s needs. During this inspection our professional staff will not only inspect the entire water well and related equipment but will sanitize the well. If repairs are needed on the system the owner will be notified and will receive up to $100 discount on parts needed to correct any problems that are found.

Well Guard Lease Program

Under the Well Guard Lease option, North Iowa Water Company assumes ownership of the water provision components. The well owner pays a monthly fee while North Iowa Water Company maintains the water system, covering any possible expense needed to keep the well system operating at peak performance. For instance, while protected by the Well Guard Lease option if the pressure tank fails North Iowa Water Company will replace the tank covering all the labor and material while the owner continues to pay the prearranged monthly fee.